Evolution and God

I just want to make a simple point about evolution and God.

There is much talk about an ecological crisis, which according to some scientists is inevitable. This means we simply will not be able to avoid it and this also means our survival will be threatened. The reasons for this crisis would be our extreme consumption of natural resources, our unconsiderate ways against nature, the hatred and violence we apply on ourselves, animals, plants and mother earth.

So, we will simply need to change or die. Evolve or die.

The first fish to come out of the water did this not because they wanted, but simply because water was drying out. They had to evolve or die. This looks very much the same as our situation right now. I hope you can see this.

So, what does this evolutionary process require us to do?

One could say it requires us to consume less. Actually, it requires us to be more respectful of all living things, to be less selfish and more caring for others, to bind as the human family, to acknowledge that pleasure of the senses is not our aim in life. This is the only way we will consume less. It requires us to be more conscious about everything. It requires us to simply be conscious and present.

It requires us to wake up to our godly nature!

This way of living is what (really) religious people and spiritual traditions have been talking about for ages.I dont want to get into much examples about religious icons, but any curious person can look into sayings of buddha, christ, lao tse, krishna and many more.

So, why do people insist that God and evolution don’t go hand in hand?

In the next post, more about evolution and god.

Om namah shivaya

e more respectful


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    Mijael said,

    The conflict between evolution/darwinism and god is not located in teh future of humanity but in the explanation of the origin of the spicies.

    god related explanations talk about creationism. expontaneus creation of beings.

    evolution/random changes and natural selection is not compatible with creationism.

    the post in the blog explains in some way that religions use to give rules to avoid a natural selection by natural forces of mother earth. this point of contact does not solve the conflict , from my point of view.

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